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These BFFs Aren't Kidding With Their Cuteness

cute baby animal BFF baby goat and otter
Via hdwall4u

Let's Float Away Together

animals romance otter hand - 8450370816
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Clothez Are Nawt Opshunal Sir

otter - 8448829952
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Give it Here, Human!

otter camera say cheese - 8434073600
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This is a Selfie Right?

camera cute otter selfie - 8430812672
Via Unremoved

F-Stop It!

confused puns otter i have no idea what im doing - 8432485632
See all captions Created by TooManyCats

Don't Worry Buddy, The Holidays Give Us All Scale Anxiety

scale cute otter - 8382458112
Via monterey bay aquarium

Let Me Do Some Laps in the Pool and Reweigh

weight otter squee - 8381582336
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When This Baby DJs, You Have No Otter Music Choice

cute otter - 8376857856
Via arbroath

Otterly Unacceptable

bottle baby animals otter - 8372317440
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Not Even When They Renamed it Otter Gymnastics

FAIL nope otter - 8368695040
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Mondays Aren't This Adorable Otter's Favorite Either

cute otter - 8348963072
Via Zoo Berlin

Just SQUEEzing in a Swimming Lesson

cute swimming otter - 8339726080
Via zooborns

Invisible Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka tongue otter - 8339373056
See all captions Created by extreme_momma

Rawr, I'm Tired

critters gifs otter yawn - 8325909248
Via Bing

I Am Cuddling Your Face To Give You Good Dreams

cute otter - 8322311168
Via SteadyAimGaming