I Can Has Cheezburger?



embarrassed forgot oh no oops otter that moment - 6477788928
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Daily Squee: Stacking Cups

cute gifs otter squee swimming - 6527472640
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I Don't Care About the Trees

angry indignant no otter - 6459439360
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Yeah, If You Have a Thick Coat of Fur

calling come in otter swimming water - 6468990208
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Daily Squee: Ready For My Close Up

close up laundry basket otter squee whiskers - 6287063808
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Disapproving Russian Otter

disapproving no otter russian - 6446388224
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Om Menom

fish food gifs nom otter - 6455834112
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Animal Capshunz: They See Me Swimmin', They Ottin'

captions haters gonna hate otter puns - 6427442944
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Animal Capshunz: You Really Know How to Flatter a Girl

captions laughing oh stop it you otter otters smiling - 6353502720
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Daily Squee: Harumph

fur no otter otters squee wet - 6166091264
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Animal Capshunz: We Otter Work This Out Calmly

back off bros calm otter otters puns slow down who - 6261140992
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Mai Kitteh! Nawt Urs!

angry cat kitten kitty mine otter possessive threat - 5782689536
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Animal Gifs: Silly Otter Pup, You Can't Drive

car drive gifs otter otters play playing - 6279628544
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Daily Squee: Whiskerific

baby fuzz Hall of Fame otter otters squee towel towels whiskers - 6184744448
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Just Be Quiet and Enjoy the Swim!

angry annoyed otter parents yelling - 6320492288
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Otters Cut Deep

angry disappointed mad otter parenting - 6276129792
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