I Can Has Cheezburger?


latest heartbreaking comic by artist jenny jinya all about orca captivity - thumbnail of orca remembering the sea and swimming freely with family | remember wild waves @JennyJinya and remember family and endless freedom

Jenny Jinya's Addresses Orca Captivity In Newest Comic

Another gut-wrenching tearjerker coming right up
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Un-Orca-strated: Orcas Interrupt A Six-Year-Old Girls' Water Ski Lesson

Orcas unexpectedly appear in the middle of six-year-old's water ski lesson
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calf orcas baby killer whales orca - 7561477

Baby Orca Spotted Off The Seattle Coast Brings Hope To The Beleaguered Orca Population

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The Oldest Living Orca on the Planet Was Recently Photographed for the First Time in Years

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Well Ain't That a Breach!

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That's Killer!

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Mute This Video and Pretend You're Swimming With Orcas

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Jeopardy's Attempts to Attract More Viewers are Getting Weirder and Weirder

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Hello? Treading Water Ain't Exactly Easy, You Know.

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The Wrong Side of the Ocean

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