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video of an orangutan driving a golf cart | thumbnail includes a picture of an orangutan sitting in a golf cart and holding the wheel

Famous Orangutan Driving A Golf Cart Stylishly (Video)

Steering with one hand like he's been driving for 30 years.
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twitter thread about cool things orangutans do | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - professional games man @MynachMelyn Replying to @Chinchillazllla Orangutans offer mangoes to pregnant women working in agricultural fields, because in their infinite wisdom and respect they are both able to deduce another species' pregnant appearance and have compassion enough for them to share resources 11:35 PM Dec 12, 2021 - Twitter for Android 531 Retweets 40 Quote Tweets 16K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Stories Of Orangutans Being Loving And Awesome

Oh, just another unexpected animal to fall in love with.
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video of baby orangutans who are being cared for at the world's largest orangutan rescue and care center - thumbnail of baby orangutans

Baby Orangutans At World's Largest Orangutan Rescue And Care Center (Video)

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orangutans otters friendship playing beautiful adorable cute aww animals | wholesome photo of a long haired orange orangutan ape sitting on a concrete floor and playing with a group of otters

Friendly Images Emerge Of Orangutans Playing With Otters

Otterly adorable
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Orangutan and French Bulldog Share Some Kisses

gifs critters cute french bulldogs orangutans funny - 7568818944

Too Fabulous To Apologize

fabulous orangutans dress - 5774042112
See all captions Created by mrmrr

Orangutans Gathering For School

gifs critters cute orangutans - 8293961472

Fancy Free in The Red Hammock

gifs critters orangutans - 8293959680

I've Been There, Baby - Monkey GIF

Gif of a newborn monkey with a very pleasant reaction to the human holding him.
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The Only Guy That Actually WANTS a Third One!

apes nipples orangutans - 8242599680
See all captions Created by AuroraLove

Peace Dude, I'm Out

gifs critters monkey orangutans - 8195929344
Via Bing

I Love Bath Time!

Babies apes bath cute bubbles orangutans - 8017543680

Jungle Kittens are Fun Too!

cute play orangutans kitten jungle - 7994282752

Just Orangin' with my Mom!

baby cute snuggle orangutans mom squee - 7933197824

Barrow Full of Monkeys

orangutans - 7749632256
Created by sixonefive72

Me And My Orangutan Buddy Playing Catch

catch gifs critters orangutans - 7306060288
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Youtube )
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