Friendly Images Emerge Of Orangutans Playing With Otters

Stop the presses! This is simply the most darling thing we've seen in awhile! 

Everyone loves when different species have somehow created a friendship, we've seen it many times and with a variety of different animals. 

We have never seen Orangutans playing with otters, however! And our hearts are simply melting! 

24-year-old Orangutan named Ujian is smitten with his little otterly adorable friends. 

The pictures are from a zoo in Belgium, where the animals live together at Pairi Daiza zoo in Domaine du Cambron, as part of a program designed to maintain the primates' well-being in captivity.

Story via CNN

orangutans otters friendship playing beautiful adorable cute aww animals | wholesome photo of a long haired orange orangutan ape sitting on a concrete floor and playing with a group of otters
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One thing I have learned about baby animals is they don't seem to care if you're "predator" or "prey" as long as you're snuggly!

-Sally Squeeps