I Can Has Cheezburger?


14 screenshots from Reddit discussion about ignorant strangers provoking reactive dogs | thumbnail includes screenshot from reddit discussion 'Ignorant strangers make training difficult Vent, I am SO upset right now but so proud of my dog who usually lunges, snarls and acts terrified. She was relatively well behaved for having some random dog come right up into her space WITH OUR BABY AROUND. She got lots of head scratches for being a good pup. I cannot comprehend why some people'

Owners Of Reactive Dogs Vent About Ignorant People Who Provoke Their Pups Outside

It's doggo discussion time
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21 screenshots of reddit discussion on whether dogs should be allowed in doggy daycare | Thumbnail includes one Reddit post ‘Unpopular opinion..? Not every dog should go to doggy daycare., It can be a mess y'all. If I had any say in who we allowed in, it may be different. (I will say my new job is very good about this and does actually care about the employee's opinions). But I can guarantee that a lot of daycare owners mostly just care about money and will let almost any dog in and will.’

Dog Parents Dicussing Whether All Dogs Belong In Doggy Daycare

Some doggy daycare drama
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13 reddit text images discussion dog training | thumbnail blue background with dog leaning graphic on right side, text "We've had our dog in training since last July (she just turned 1 this month), and the trainer is great and all, but there are some things he "teaches us" that really bothers me and I just kind of say "yeah ok" but don't actually believe in it; for example, he says dogs don't love you because they're binary beings and love isn't in their nature. huh???"

Trainer Tells Doggo Owner Not To Socialize Dog, Perplexed Dog Owner Seeks Advice

A legitimate discussion for dog owners everywhere
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Stupid Is as Stupid Does

opinion caption stupid - 8800746752
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Ders Alwais 2 Diffrunt Opiniuns

opinion tabby Cats - 8382504448
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Keep 'Em To Yourself

bra opinion underwear - 8352709632
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Everybody Has An Opinion

opinion pit bull skeptical - 8345242368
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Big Difference

beer Cats lazy opinion - 8330005248
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That's One Opinionated Cat

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To Be Honest, She Really Needs It

opinion boyfriend funny - 7539765248
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If You Loved Me You'd Feed Me Name Brand Food

opinion cat tongue food funny - 7000431872
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When I Want Your Opinion

opinion shut up beak birds grabbing - 6761382400
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I Call Bias

firefox fox licking objective opinion windows - 6568118784
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this is my opinion

captions Cats ew opinion tongue - 6416924416
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opinion tongue what breed - 6249106432
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Reader Squees: Isis Vs. Tutu

Battle cat do not want fight opinion reader squees versus - 5698738944
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