I Can Has Cheezburger?


tumblr pictures of cats hanging out in graveyards for a Halloween spooktober special thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat sitting on a gremlin shaped grave and another cat hanging out between tombstones

Spooktober Special: Cats Hanging Out In Graveyards

It feels like these cats know something...
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Not Going to Be a Good Day

horse nervous ominous water - 5996975872
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That's... Um... Great, Kitty. Yeah, So I'm Gonna Leave Now...

Blood cat creepy human lolwut love ominous response - 5968517888
Via Married to the Sea

This was

camera caption captioned cat crazy found lady last ominous Photo - 5744567808
See all captions Created by Mr_MomCat

Extreme Home Makeover. . .

air caption captioned cat disaster extreme home legos ominous - 5706161664
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Apropos Babies baby cat Cats kitten mischief ominous reader squees sweater tabbies tabby - 5477920256
Created by Chelle


art caption captioned cat cover imitation jaws Movie nose ominous pointing reference - 5472925184
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basement cat cat creepy hedgehog ominous reflection - 5449021184
Created by Unknown


acting like animals cat creepy ominous peeking stalking Staring threat threatening watching - 5445080064
Created by Unknown


caption captioned goat ominous SOON Staring - 5438376704
See all captions Created by benide

I sense evil....

black caption captioned cat Cats evil I ominous sense Staring white - 5334645760
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You can't

cant caption captioned cat hide long ominous peeking promise spying threat you - 5227272960
See all captions Created by alexiscoffey

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to bed...

caption captioned cat corner frame jaws ominous peeking sneaking theme - 4941124096
See all captions Created by emvark

Although Now I'm Waiting Indefinitely

bear eating food insanity ominous threatening wait - 6344592896
See all captions Created by fufuninja