I Can Has Cheezburger?


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Nala, the Most Famous Cat on the Internet, Proves That Being Cross Eyed Doesn't Mean You're Not Adorably Photogenic

She is truly a national treasure
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twitter thread about someone encountering a scary-looking animal and not knowing what it is | thumbnail includes a picture of an unknown animal and one tweet 'Plant - Blizz ... @Blizzjuuheardd Boy what the fuck is this shit I'm getting out of tampa bro'

Person Photographs Strange Animal And Freaks Out, Twitter Tries To Figure Out What TF It Is (Viral Tweets)

Is it a... dog? Coyote? Bear?
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 A funny Facebook thread where people can't name one fish name that doesn't have an a in it | thumbnail includes text saying 'Name A Fish That Does Not Have The Letter 'A' In It Doug Rawnsley Catfish. I'm not playing the game, l'm just calling out what this is, D 11 Ramon Bautista Kevin Zink Basic. Dolphin 203 Bass. Ah damn! Got me already...'

Overconfident People Attempt To Answer Seemingly Easy Fish Question

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an awwdorable thread about a cat looking like a mushroom | thumbnail includes text saying 'Today is cat day so here's my fav photo my kitty looking like an oyster mushroom'

Twitter Thread: Cats Resembling Foods

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the story of Francisco the rescue pig | thumbnail includes 2 photo of the 330 pound pig

Meet Francisco The 300 Pound Rescue Pig (Video)

Anything But Micro
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a reddit thread about a woman who doesn't like how her boyfriend talks to her pets | thumbnail includes text saying 'AITA for not liking how my partner talks to our pets?'

AITA for not liking how my partner talks to our pets?

What would you do?
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a man saves his cat from the tree its stuck in with the help of the internet | thumbnail includes photo of the cat and text saying 'I have no idea how my cat made it so far up this tree, but he’s been there for probably 5 hours minimum and doesn’t seem to know how to get down. I’ve called everyone I can think of, and now the crows are circling and'

Internet Bands Together To Rescue Cat From Tree

Safe At Last
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a photoshop challenge featuring an awwdorable short kitten | thumbnail includes two photos from the battle

Epic Photoshop Battle: Spectacularly Short Kitten

So Smol!
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a cute quora thread about cats calling for their owners | thumbnail includes text saying 'I had a cat when I was stationed at Fort Sam Houston in Texas. I lived off post in a house with three housemates. The cat liked to stay outside in our backyard at night. He usually wanted to come in the house at around 6:00 a.m. He let us know he wanted to come in by throwing himself (literally) at the front screen door multiple times and yowling as loud as possible until someone would let him in '

Quora Thread: Why Do Cats Call For Their Owners Inside The House

So Sweet!
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a man steals his cat back from the neighbors' house | thumbnail includes text saying 'AITA stealing" my famipy cat back neighbours at 3am?'

Man Steals His Cat Back From Neighbors' House: Reddit Storytime

Fluffbut The Kitty
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a man confesses to having swapped his wife's rescue cat out six years ago for a friendlier cat | thumbnail includes text saying 'Six years ago I switched my wife's cat with a more well-behaved lookalike.'

Man Secretly Switched Wife's Cat With A Better Behaved Doppleganger 6 Years Ago

He did what??
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| thumbnail includes 'AITB for serving my girlfriends cat divorce papers?' 'a few nights ago I came home from work and my gf had dressed the cats up and was in the middle of performing a marriage ceremony. I was really angry, she had gone behind my back when I had specifically told her not to.'

Girlfriend Furious After Boyfriend Divorces Their Two Cats

A Cat-astrophe
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a cute photoshop battle of a man walking a doggo | thumbnail includes two photos of a man walking an animal

Cute Photoshop Battle: Man Walking His Doggo

So Cute!
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a dog rescued from a burning car thanks the cop who rescued him with kisses | thumbnail is a photo of the dog safe and sound

Guy Runs To Help Woman Surrendering Her Dogs (Video)

What a hero!
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a cat on Reddit saves his owners life by never taking his eyes off the wall | thumbnail includes text saying 'my cat is completely transfixed by a nondescript point on my wall, to the point of not eating or sleeping'

Cat Becomes Obsessed With 1 Wall In House And Ends Up Saving Humans' Life

One crazy story!
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video of a herd of elephants getting released into the wild | thumbnail includes a photo of the elephants getting released into the wild

54 Elephants Get Released Back Into The Wild (Video)

Look out!
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