Ancient Old Shark Discovered Followed By Entertaining Twitter Thread

A shark was recently discovered in the Arctic Ocean. Not just any regular shark, oh no, this shark discovered was found to be 392-years-old. 

Let's think about that for a second. 

Three-hundred and ninety-two years old. 

And while researching this shark, it turns out ANOTHER shark was discovered in 2019, in the Northern Atlantic, that scientists have reason to believe it was born as early as 1505. That means, this Greenland shark was born before Shakespeare and is -- wait for it -- FIVE-HUNDRED AND TWELVE years old! 

The Greenland shark could very well be the world oldest living vertebrate. But we're here to talk about the 392-year-old shark that caused the follow entertaining Twitter thread.

All we can take away from this is that sharks are still terrifying but kinda sorta incredible... don't you think?

sharks oldest tweets twitter | tweet by GothGirlVonDark This is 392 year old shark recently discovered Arctic Ocean. This guy wandering oceans back
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