I Can Has Cheezburger?


13 screenshots from a twitter thread about police and dogs | Thumbnail includes a red background with dogs in the parliament and a screenshot from twitter 'Cop hanging out in the parking lot asked my dog if he's a good boy and I said don't answer that baby, we'll get you a lawyer. The cop doesn't think l'm funny but his girlfriend(?) wife(?) does and I think Woody learned a valuable lesson'

People Don't Want The Police Petting Their Pets: A Twitter Thread

Just some petting debates
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viral twitter thread about police chasing a runaway pig | thumbnail includes two pictures of police officers attempting to catch a pig and one tweet 'Shoe - Corina Newsome, M.Sc. @hood_naturalist So this pig got out and had everybody ankles cracked. I'm screaming. (Photos by Tony Giberson) 7:18 PM - Nov 5, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 4,553 Retweets 1,397 Quote Tweets 36.4K Likes'

Police Goes On Hour-Long Chase After Runaway Pig And Twitter Gets To Meme-ing

The funniest pictures we've seen in a while.
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officer rescue cat highway kitten cats forever home animals aww | small cute kitten with white paws standing on a road divider wall next to a mickey mouse glove and a gloved human hand belonging to a police officer reaching for it

Officer Rescues Kitten From The Highway

Thank goodness for good people!
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Please, Officer!

Funny meme about cat surrendering but that is not his catnip
Via cataddictsanonymouse on Tumblr

But that's what they all say

cat officer catnip mine not caption - 8982847232
See all captions Created by ShinyHappyPurple

Don't Blow It, Stoopie

officer funny - 7547613952
See all captions Created by smieke

Why Are We Going to Your Car?

dancing disbelief drunk i swear lamb officer sheep - 6230348800
See all captions Created by benhuh

Narkotics Offisur Kitteh

ambush cat crime jumping officer - 5907993344
See all captions Created by katpharm

Are You Looking for Bad Guys?

drinking drunk innocent officer raccoon what - 5874493184
See all captions Created by amylynne

I Don't Trust Him

chameleon drinking drunk googly eyes Hall of Fame officer oops police - 5443678720
Via absolutely madness

Would yew like a hammmm-burgur?

ask caption captioned cat explanation nip no not officer police pot - 5203910144
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arrest caption captioned cat catnip Cats drugs Hall of Fame i swear officer two cats - 5005036800
Created by basementpiddermom

Yes, Officer

car driving mastiff officer police pulled over - 4947430656
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answer bull mastiff bullmastiff car collar driving got have license misinterpretation neck officer on police pulled over question yes - 4509997312
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bunny caption captioned cat control dust Hall of Fame job officer position - 3455835392
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bulldog car cops driving excuse explanation Hall of Fame officer police pulled over resting sleeping steering wheel - 4221039104
See all captions Created by ananderson4
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