I Can Has Cheezburger?


5 TikTok videos with cats making trade offers that their human's can't resist, like barfing and waking them up at 3 am in exchange for treats | Thumbnail includes a picture of three cats sitting and looking at the camera 'TRADE OFFER * I receive: Two crunchy salmon treats You receive: Barf @figgythefeline TRADE OFFER: I receive: -Unconditional love treats chin scratches attention You receive: Free 3AM daily wake up call 'TikTok @beautynthebean trade offer: i receive: wet & dry food fresh'

Boost Of Serotonin: Cats Make Offers Hoomans Can't Resist Proving They're The Ultimate Bargainers

They drive a hard bargain
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I accept!

captions Cats godfather Movie offer quote reference - 6605109248
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He Better Not Try

claws Cats offer - 8194336768
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bucket bukkit care embarrassed facepalm offer polar bear - 6352688128
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I'll Do It for Free

car charity lion offer screaming - 6252542208
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Daily Squee: May I Offer You a Sloth?

handful hands holding offer sloth sloths smile - 6120659712
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Animal Capshunz: I'm Fluffy Too

cuddle cuddles cute Fluffy hairy offer scary spider spiders tarantula - 6111416576
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caption captioned cat catnip drugs nip offer real - 5348431104
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Sharing is Caring

bird caring food nomming noms offer peanut sharing - 5690177792
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he's not here right now.

caption captioned cat ceiling ceiling cat here leave message not now offer peeking question right - 5318752768
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acting like animals bear do want fishing friendly noms offer paw question request waving - 5337244160
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We only charge by the can.

awesome caption captioned cat come deep noms offer seriously woods - 5247770368
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bunny cold color happy bunday offer rabbit snow warming up white - 5234503936
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acting like animals crab do want offer quote - 5082618624
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I appreciate

basement cat caption captioned cat cook mean offer recipe sarcasm souls suffering - 4964049920
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acting like animals deer offer pun quote squirrel - 4901313280
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