I Can Has Cheezburger?


12 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "I've now had the puppy for a month and a half and in passing conversation I said "my puppy" My BF asked that when I talk to him about the puppy that I always refer to it as "ours". I said no, that I didn't want to have to always have to say "ours".

Clingy BF Offended When GF Of 6 Months Refers To Her Puppy As 'Mine' Instead Of 'Ours'

Time to set some boundaries
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 12 reddit text images surrounding discussion of dog in dog friendly areas, offended woman | thumbnail "As I was walking around a lady approached me and she had her service dog with her. She asked me why do I not have my dog's "service dog" tag on him and I told her its not a service dog. She was smiling and talking in a passive aggressive tone to me and said " then why would you bring a regular pet in here?". I told her "because l'm allowed to?

Man Brings Dog To Pet Friendly Mall, Karen With Service Dog Gets Unreasonably Offended

Kindness is free
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offended photoshop battle Owl - 1849605

Slightly Offended Owl Gets a Photoshop Battle to Calm Him Down

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You Better Pray to Ceiling Cat Now

basement cat insult kitten offended smack - 3891764992
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Me? You think I told the dog to eat the yellow snow? I'm offended.

animals tabby offended Cats - 8455233024
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Why Would You Think That? Racist

offended expression sheep family no - 7071928064
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We Know When We're Not Wanted

duck offended puns Cats rude - 7009892864
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Sometimes a Bird Likes to Feel Pretty Without Being Objectified!

Staring peacocks offended feathers stop - 7041797888
By Unknown

Some Jimmies Are About to Get Rustled

offended angry gorilla omg - 6945407744
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I'm Beginning to Feel Offended

polar bear hard taxi hailing offended - 6623511040
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This Offence Will Not Stand

good day sir turtle gentleman offended - 6590731008
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Doesn't Feel so Good Now, Does It?

hedgehog insulted offended pig - 6567992576
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Excuse me?!

Animal meme of a hedgehog asking 'excuse me' to a bunny that is sticking out his tongue in what looks like disgust.
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Think Twice About What You Ask to Has

angry cheeseburgers cows offended Staring - 6267306752
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best of the week insult mexico offended rude - 6257900032
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We Find Them Offensive

alaska bear car donuts drive thru offended - 6181042944
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