Gorgeous And Adorable Ocelots To Admire (Cat Appreciation)

Welcome to this mini - but gorgeous - cat gallery where we'll be taking a moment to say a few words about the incredible and stunning Ocelot cat

For those who don't know much about this wild creature, an ocelot is a wild cat that is native to the southwestern region of the United States, Mexico, and South America. Oh, and the Caribbean islands. Many live in the leafy canopies of South American rain forests, and some live in the brushlands and can be found in Texas! Ocelots are larger than a house cat but not as large as a leopard, per se. 

You can tell if the cat is an ocelot due to its unique pattern, solid black spots, and streaks on its coat, and they also have adorable rounded ears! Fun fact about this lovely animal, the ancient people of Peru, known as the Moche people, worshipped ocelots and often drew them in their art! 

Just further proof that cats are holy beings and we're simply here to worship them.

ocelot cat appreciation gallery -thumbnail includes two images of ocelots
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