I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of dolphins hunting octopus using stingrays | thumbnail image

Diligent Dolphins Use Stingrays to Hunt Their Octopus Lunch (Video)

Dolphins are brilliant
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video of a baby whale mistaking a boat for another whale and its mom coming to rescue it | thumbnail includes a picture of a baby whale next to a boat and a diver

Baby Whale Mistakes Boat For Mother, She Comes To Rescue Her Baby (Video)

Whales are actually amazing.
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video of scientific discovery ghost shark | thumbnail image of ghostly shark

Scientists Find Baby ‘Ghost Shark’ With Striking Ghostly Appearance (Video)

An amazing discovery
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video of oldest aquarium fish | thumbnail image of aquarium fish underwater

Meet Methuselah: The World’s Oldest Aquarium Fish (Video)

The oldest living aquarium fish
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video of sea turtle's underwater footage with commentary | thumbnail sea turtle underwater  intense image vibrant colors

Sea Turtle Films Surprising Underwater Discoveries (Video)

Underwater adventures
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incredible aerial drone footage of a great white shark | thumbnail includes footage of the great white shark from overhead

Incredible Great White Shark Footage (Video)

Truly Amazing
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sea ruthf KISS aquatic ocean cute shark week sharks shark animals - 16311301

Shark Week But Cute: Sharks That Will Make You Say 'Awww' Instead of 'Aaahhhh'

Kiss a Shark Week!
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video of biologists helping sea turtles in polluted waters | thumbnail picture of large turtle  being cared for by two men

Biologists Rescue Turtles From Polluted Waters (Video)

Cleaning up the world
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collection of facts about starfish | thumbnail includes a picture of a starfish 'Purple - Sea Stars can regenerate body parts! It can take up to a year for a lost limb to grow back. ICANNAS CHEEZ BURCER'

Paws For This Week's Animal Facts: The Starfish Of The Day

Laugh and learn.
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tumblr thread about a stingray covering a diver in the ocean | thumbnail includes a picture of a diver covered by a stingray 'Photograph - This helpful stingray offered itself up as a tent for a diver who decided to have a lie down on the seabed at Grand Cayman. (x)'

Tumblr Thread: Stingray Covers Diver Like A Blanket

There are perks to being a marine biologist
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12 aquatic fish memes | thumbnail includes two memes saying ' Something: *falls into the ocean* Tiger shark: It's Free Real Estate' and 'O my god, hello how are you welcome to my aquarium'

Aquatic Animal Memes Anyone Would Love To Sea

Under rated, not under water!
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a video of a baby elephant seal romping around in the water | thumbnail is a photo of the baby elephant seal having fun

Baby Elephant Seal Enjoys A Bath In The Ocean (Video)

Awwdorable chonker.
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video of walrus climbing on to inflatable boat | thumbnail image of walrus climbing on to boat

Wandering Walrus Hitches A Ride On Inflatable Boat (Video)

Everyone needs a break
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video of seahorses giving birth | thumbnail ocean background blue with one big seahorse prominent and many baby seahorses floating around

Amazing Male Seahorse Giving Birth To Thousands Of Babies Underwater

Seahorses are such captivating creatures
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13 tweets regarding octopus anti farming | thumbnail image of red/orange large octopus swimming in clear blue water with tweet text "the brain of a common octopus has 500 million neurons. making it as smart as a dog or a three year old child"

A Thread Against Octopus Farming: Highly Intelligent And Worth Preserving

Octopuses are as intelligent as small children
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video of robot dolphin and creation process mission and goals interviews | thumbnail dolphin in water with woman "this dolphin is a robot"

How Robot Dolphins Could End Animal Captivity (Video)

Innovation is the way of the future
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