This Photo Of a Lab "Excited" For His Vegan Meal Sparked An Eye Opening Debate Between His Owner And a Vet

Recently, a woman on tumblr gave a vegan meal to her lab and posted the picture online. The whole incident sparked an incredible debate and one veterinarian, in particular, explained why this was a big mistake. According to the available scientific evidence, dogs rely on natural protein intake for their proper nourishment. These days, however, things are different as people are continually giving their dogs food of their own choice. For instance, vegans are giving dogs vegan meals (no meat). Now, doing this does not immediately affect a dog's health, but instead, the health slowly starts deteriorating which the owners don't notice. In short, by forcing your lifestyle on dogs, you are putting their lives at risk. That is why this thread is so important to read by any pet owner. Via: RearFront

tumblr post about whether dog should be vegan
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