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4 TikToks about the story of Rex, his neighbour friend, and his hoomans | Thumbnail includes a cat laying on the floor, a handwritten letter, and a typed out letter 'This boii has been visiting our house for the past few months. Decided we need to know who his people are Writing a note to his people. Hey mum, Being a responsible son I'm letting you, know where I spend some of my days and who my friends are. I visit CENSORED every do Started calling me Ba because they don't'

After Each Visit From The Neighbour's Cat, Woman Sends Him Back With A Letter Describing Everything He Did That Day

Pen palling via cat
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animals notes given to people for their bad parking and comparing them to toddlers and coloring pages

11 Hilarious Times People Used Animals When Leaving Bad Parking Notes

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motivational cats post it notes

Guy Left Cat Themed Motivational Notes On The Train And They're Awesome

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love daily notes - 5623301

This Guy Writes Daily Notes To Himself And You'll Love What He Writes About Dogs

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funny parking notes sold on Etsy that use animal puns

Funny Bad Parking Notes Written By Animals

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20 funny notes left in the office

20 Hilarious Office Notes That Are Too Brilliant To Be Mad At

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Comedian leaves funny notes in LA Zoo

Comedian Leaves Hilarious Fake Animal Facts All Over The L.A. Zoo

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funny notes people left on car shield for bad parkers

Parking Mad: The Funniest Notes People Left For Bad Parkers (21 photos)

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The Daily What: Heartwarming Tearjerker Thank You Note of the Day

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