I Can Has Cheezburger?


story about a puppy who was abandoned and tied to a park bench with a note thumbnail includes two pictures including the dog with the note on the park bench and another of the dog with its new owner

Puppy Abandoned And Chained To Bench With Note Gets Adopted

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funny note to cats and dogs | be posted VERY LOW on refrigerator door nose height. Dear Dogs and Cats dishes with paw print are yours and contain food other dishes are mine and contain my food. Please note, placing paw print middle my plate and food does not stake claim becoming food and dish, nor do find aesthetically pleasing slightest

Dad Writes Funny Note To His Cats And Dogs And Twitter Relates

Funny note to cats and dogs
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adoption note humane society sweet heartbreaking - 1598981

This Dog Was Surrendered to the Humane Society With a Note That Will Break Your Heart

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Please Do Not Break My Human's Window

car note break window - 8803028224
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The Same Could Be Said for Any Box, Really

box is for cat do not remove
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I Don't Know Who This Cat Belongs To But..

cute animal image of cat who visits neighbors
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Next Time I Get the Whole Thing!

birds chase note Cats funny - 8040558080
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Music singing song captions sing note Cats - 6145102848
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Are ya sure ya wanna risk it?

bath guilt leg note right still - 5950636800
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Handy bit of info

bad idea bat bull caption captioned cat climbing dont fence hiding note note to self oops post tabby - 5097076224
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kitteh won't get that job

answer Blood Business Cat caption captioned cat drawing during interview job laps note note to self question tie - 5097773312
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Note 2 self:

accident caption captioned cat dont mess note note to self self sneeze whipped cream - 3674024448
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caption captioned cat examining excited Hey jelly beans look note observation observing suicide whoa - 4572693504
Created by WilliamKeckler


between blank caption captioned cat Cats lines love meaning note read suggestion tabby - 3517130752
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cute cyoot puppeh ob teh day heart I love note puppy whatbreed - 4147619584
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angry border collie die hose note water wet - 2953860864
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