I Can Has Cheezburger?


Potato Nommin' Cutie

baby do want eating itty bitty nom nomming noms turtle - 4531848704
Created by ekahnicole

Omnomnom Dandelion Omnom

baby Bunday bunny dandelion eating Flower happy happy bunday nomming noms omnomnom rabbit - 4805727488
Created by Unknown

So Close, and Yet So Far...

attempting cant FAIL food gifs jealous jealousy nomming noms Reach thumbs tortoise - 5069654784
Created by Unknown

Do I Detect a Hint of Ginger?

chewing critique food gifs nomming noms subtle tasting - 4847724800
Created by Unknown

Goggie GIF: Wheel of Noms

gifs nomming spin what breed wheel - 6321521408
Created by Unknown

Fake Hearts, Real Love

candy Hall of Fame hamster hearts love nomming noms unbearably squee - 5784474112
Via Bunny Food

Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day: READING? Oh, I Thought You Said "EATING"!

cyoot kitteh of teh day kitten nomming reading books eating chewing Cats - 6907110656
Via Cats, Beavers, and Ducks
bunnies nomming eating chewing squee Video rabbits - 44060417

Baby Bunny Nomming a Cucumber

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cabbage eating food maymo nomming noms vegetables Video - 40702721

Animal Videos: Dog Steals Cabbage

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chewing cute nomming noms omg squee sugar gliders Video - 40088321

Animal Videos: Sugar Glider Noms

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eating fruit nomming opossums possums squee strawberries Video - 40005121

Animal Videos: Possum Nomming a Strawberry

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Daily Squee: Reader Squee - Reaching Maximum Capacity

cheeks hamster hamsters mouthful nomming pet reader squee stuffed - 4272222464
Created by jellybaby86
fruit nomming raspberries raspberry turtles Video - 39352833

Animal Videos: Baby Turtle Eats a Raspberry

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Searching for Snacks

nomming ocean snacks underwater - 6321786880
Created by Unknown
carrots eating nomming noms Prairie Dogs Video - 38516737

Animal Videos: Prairie Dogs Nomming Carrots

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Is This a Food?

annoying best of the week cat versus human Cats comic comics eating everything food Hall of Fame nomming - 6189446656
Via Cat Versus Human
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