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Cats Challenge Accepted climbing curtains ninja Video - 38684417

Animal Videos: Ultimate Ninja Kitteh

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Cutest. Ninja. Ever.

ninja red panda - 5787732992
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Stealth Level: Over 9000

fox ninja stealth white - 6158376448
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Animal Gifs: HI-YA

bamboo eat flip gifs kung fu ninja nom panda - 6157265920

ur house

cat ceiling danger door lolcat ninja silent sneaky spy - 5924295424
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Cyoot Kittehs of teh Day: Ninja Cat Strikes Again

attack attacking cyoot kitteh of teh day ninja ninjas surprise two cats - 6010692352
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cute gif of a cat popping out a box

Ninja tip #5:

best of the week child Hall of Fame kid ninja whatbreed - 5707319296
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cat fight karate ninja - 5557285888
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That Awkward Moment...

cat I Can Has Cheezburger ninja that awkward moment whoa wtf - 5463544576
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Ninja Kitteh - uses Stealth

caption captioned cat curtain hiding ninja stealth use - 5379346176
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The Fists of Fortune Won't Let You Hide!

awesome karate ninja space - 5350958080


acting like animals awesome cat Hall of Fame ninja peeking spying suddenly - 5333395200

Ninja squirrel

action caption captioned cat hiding ninja squirrel - 5200892672
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acting like animals cat explanation idiom kitten ninja - 5196995840
cute ninja playing scottish fold Video - 25576449

VIDEO: SoySauce, the Scottish Fold Ninja Kitteh

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