I Can Has Cheezburger?


16 screenshots of a funny Reddit thread about two dogs mating | Thumbnail includes screenshots from reddit thread 'My only uneutered female rescue managed to sneak into the only intact male's kennel. Just kill me now, I'm done, I've been on a purge neutering every last one of my intact dogs recently. Only had two left, a young male that was initially crossed from the list due to severe malnutrition ( he's better now and has his operation scheduled) and a slightly older female going through'

Fruitful Female Rescue Dog Travels 60M To Do The Deed In The Doghouse

A match made in heaven
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Nice timing!

say neutered just caption Cats - 8985273600
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I Just Saved Myself From a Trip to the Vet

neutered caption bucket Cats - 8793414144
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Stay Away, Human!

balls neutered overprotective tennis vet whatbreed - 2312993536
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Some Humans Can't Take a Hint

animals nope neutered Cats - 8455086080
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No Worries on the Danger Zone

balls neutered Cats - 8293024256
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All Gone!

Cats funny neutered - 8262049280
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Why Stop With Cats and Dogs?

signs neutered Cats funny - 8110469376
Created by Unknown

He'd Get Three That Way, Right?

balls neutered vet funny - 7592542464
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The Indignity of It All...

Sad pug neutered - 7613815552
Created by Unknown

If I Ain't Broke, Why Fix Me?

neutered shocked broken what breed - 6990377216
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Wherever Could They Have Gone?

balls pugs Sad neutered captions licking - 6702550528
Via Reddit

Cheezburger PSA: Plz Spay & Nootur Ur Clothz

boston terrier laundry neutered psa socks underwear - 6508386304
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Calm Down Ladies

neutered Rotweiler smile smug tongue - 6487260160
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An Dey Calls Me "Fixed"

cat fixed neutered nuts squirrel took vet - 6500313344
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Animal Memes: Lawyer Dog - This Case is in the Bag. No Offense.

corgis Hall of Fame Lawyer Dog Lawyers Memes neutered - 6123771648
See all captions Created by WATV22
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