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fun and interesting animal movies available for streaming during quarantine coronavirus

Netflix & Binge

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OwlKitty Parody's Netflix's 'The Witcher' (Video

Toss a cat to your Witcher
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Me To My Cat

Geralt and Jaskier from The Witcher as a cat and his owner serenading him with a song about his paws
Via Cats On Catnip
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Dogumentary Following Puppies Training To Be Guide Dogs Now On Netflix

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Tweets By People Who Watched Netflix's "Our Planet" And Became All Emotional

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16 Times Pets Proved That, Just Like Us, Their One True Love Will Always Be Netflix

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netflix cat documentary

People Are In Love With This Fluffy Cat Starring At Netflix's New Documentary About Cat Shows

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5 Movies To Watch On Netflix With Your Pet On National Popcorn Day

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Petflix And Chill

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tv shows pet stars netflix interview - 91869953

Kristen Bell Interviews Netflix's Biggest Pet Stars

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Netflix And Chill In The Animal Kingdom (17 Hilarious Memes)

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intro parody netflix Video - 82621185

"Barkos" Is the Amazing Intro Parody of Netflix Show, Narcos, Only With Dogs

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Netflix and Cuddle

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Netflix And Purr

funny animal image of cats at window like netflix
Via kevgret

Unfortunately I Can't Deny That I've Been Bingeing Either

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Can't She Use a Can Opener?

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