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Be nice to your neighbors, you never want to end up in a feud. From Hatfield and McCoy's to Karen and Kyle and every other lovely person you could meet, it's best to make cookies, not war.

twitter thread about a neighbor thinking that a woman is scolding her boyfriend all the time when it's actually a cat | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - abby govindan @abbygov moved into a new building & my neighbor joked "I hear you constantly lecturing your bf, he sounds like a handful" and I replied "lol men am I right?” bc I didn't want to tell her that Im single & just earnestly scold my cat for taking a tone w me when I do everything around here 8:26 PM - Nov 19, 2022 -'

Neighbor Thinks Woman Constantly Lectures Her BF Even Though It's Actually Her Cat, Hilarity On Twitter Ensues

We've been there
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A TikTok video of nosy cats staring at a dog and 13 funny comments | Thumbnail includes two cats staring at a dog from a fence and a woman petting a dog playing on the ground

Neighbors Have A Doggo Over, Nosy Neighborhood Cat Watch Is Confused By The Visitor

Well there goes the neighborhood
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1 photo of a cat visiting neighbors and 9 photos of reddit comments about cats visiting neighbors | thumbnail features text reading "When my neighbors cat is bored she comes to the back door and watches what's happening for hours". Right side image of thumbnail features picture of a brown and gray cat on a concrete stoop, right side pictures features a white cat on a white patio with grass in the background

Redditors Share Wholesome Stories of Cats Visiting Neighbors: A Paw-Dorable Thread

Honey, we've got company!
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10 tweets of cats going to neighbors' houses | thumbnail two tweets images of cats at neighbors' houses "Sam @gettheshotsin Replying to @generoom Brilliant .. this is my cat, that's not my house. 12:09 PM · Mar 28, 2021 6.7K" thumbnail right "Rebecca Warrington @RebWarr13 Replying to @generoom This is ginge. He has 4 homes. He is currently asleep on my on the sofa. He is not my cat. Or actually called ginge, but he responds to it and he is so handsome. 11:06 AM · Mar 28, 2021 8.7K"

Nomadic Cats Funnily Bounce To And From Their Neighbors' Houses (Tweets)

Traveling nomads
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10 reddit text images, aita dog vet bills | thumbnail blue background text " When we got back up to where the food was left, the neighbors dog was on the table, eating the food, and had ripped the covers off."

Presumptuous Neighbors Expect Woman To Cover Vet Bills After Their Dog Eats Her Leftover Chocolate

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12 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "This just happened, a neighbor of mine sent their kid over and let my dog off his runner because "he had no food or water" "

Karen Chastises Neighbor For Letting His Dog Outside For 20 Mins Without Food And Water

Some people are just looking for trouble
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12 reddit text images surrounding discussion neighbor requests to be notified of dog walks | thumbnail blue background text "Today, they came down, pulled into our driveway, and asked us if we would notify them when we are going to walk our dog up the road so they could get their dogs inside, so they don't go crazy seeing my dog."

Dog Owner Left Disgruntled After Neighbor Requests To Be Notified Of Every Dog Walk Outing

A bit presumptuous
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crows get back at bully neighbors - thumbnail of story "Our building has a decent sized crow population. I've always liked them, so I decided to make friends. Spent some time doing research on them and their diets and went out and got some snacks that would be nutritious for them. Every couple of days I'd chop up some fruits and veggies and grains and take them out to their favorite tree in a little tupperware box. I'd pick it up later and it would be empty. It got to the point where they'd know

Reddit User Befriends Crows Who In Turn Help By Getting Back At Bully Neighbors

Helpful to have 'feathered friends in high places'
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viral twitter thread of a cat who became a postman thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat including one where he wears a collar with a letter attached to it

Cat That Became A Postman (Viral Twitter Thread)

With little letters attached to his collar, he made two neighbors become friends.
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Woman Curious About The Neighbor's Cat Asks His Name While Keeping Social Distance | sign in a window of a building on the other side of the street that reads "hi what is the white cat's name"

Woman Curious About The Neighbor's Cat Asks His Name While Keeping Social Distance

Neighbor's Cat
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Weird Yet Funny Notes By Neighbors | Monterey Colonies Christmas lights hello know everyone loves this time year, but can please be considerate some us and please cut lights off at 7:30p? my cats are trying sleep and they find lights distracting. Posted 16h ago Colonies and 33 nearby

Weird Yet Funny Notes Written By Neighbors With a Great Sense Of Humor

Weird Yet Funny Notes By Neighbors
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wholesome neighbors

Wholesome Neighbors Who Just Love Their Local Neighborhood Pets

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Cats neighbors cute cats animals - 9474821

When Cats Decide To Go And Live For a While With The Neighbours (A Twitter Thread)

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neighbors trolling loud Cats - 77952769

This Guy is About to Lay Hands on His Noisy Neighbor

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If You're Neighbors with a 27-Pound 4-Foot-Long House Cat, You Probably Know It

cat news big cat gets mistaken for bobcat by neighbors
Via Spock the Terror
fetch neighbors Video - 69357057

Watch The Best Way To Fetch A Ball From Your Neighbor’s Yard Ever

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