Instagram Account Features Animals Without Necks

There's one Instagram account out there that's giving the people what no one asked for... animals photoshopped without necks. And yes, we hate it. But, we also really love it. Don't judge us, you'll just have to see for yourself. 

It's interesting just how strange each and every single animal looks without a neck. Except for small birds, maybe, because their neck isn't as apparent as an ostrich or as a giraffe. But every single other animal just looks bizarre. We've seen photoshopped animals before, some of our favorites include animals who have been photoshopped to have a cat head instead of their usual animal head. Those are always a blast. 

Follow @NoNeck on Instagram for more neckless wonders! 

funny animal pics without a neck - thumbnail includes two images - one of a tiger without a neck and one of a deer without a neck
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