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Bear with us here as we gather all the details on this terrifying and crazy story. 

In Fresno, California, Taylor Hawkins was on her way to the gorgeous National Park of Sequoia and Kings Canyon, when an unexpected guest decided to hitch a ride right in front of her... 

A bear. A bear causally walked up to the car in front of hers, looked at the trunk and the climbed onto the car. Taylor Hawkins was about to capture the outrageous moment on video. 

Just seconds after the bear climbed onto the car, it seemed to get spooked and immediately jumps down and takes off. However, it didn't go too far. The bear stopped just near the edge of the road and looked back at the car it was previously on top of for a few seconds. 

There's nothing as wild as wild life itself, huh? Thankfully, no one was injured during this attempted hitchhike and now it's just a great story to tell. 

Story via ABC7


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