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11 images and text cat in produce reddit thread | thumbnail picture of cat diving into produce with text in foreground

Cat Finds Passage To Narnia In Local Grocery Store's Produce Section

Silly Kitty Stumbles Upon Secret Passage Amongst Produce Aisle
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I was there

animal meme teacher: how do you read your own handwriting? me: i was there when it was written aslan the lion from the narnia movie
Via The humor train

In an Alternate Storyline, Peter and Co Head for New Mexico

whoops Cats narnia - 8371475200
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Getting Tired of Pranking the Dog

animals ferret narnia - 8373435648
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Aslan -- can you hear me?

Cats narnia - 8298221824
Created by jennybookseller

Aslan is Mai Hero!

lions cute Cats funny narnia - 8073337600
Created by Artemys

What do you mean this isn't a wardrobe?

wallpaper in trouble sad dog sorry what breed narnia - 6899355904
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Not as Nice as it Sounds

bored c.s.lewis lion narnia - 6525008384
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They Can't Leave Well Enough Alone

happy kids lion narnia perfect ruin snowing - 6431044608
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Lolcats: Can we just write the pizza guy a CHECK?

Cats change check couch money narnia pizza - 6363813376
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Lolcats: Hunh. This is not Oz

Cats fantasy kingdom literature lolcats magic narnia oops oz Portal portals Travel - 6176157696
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break cat head narnia reference wall - 6140812288
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I'm tryin 2 b Azlan

lion narnia pitbull - 3722670848
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I don't remember these two from the movie

cat narnia - 6013723136
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For Narnia!!

adventure attack cat fantasy lolcat narnia surprise war - 6043437568
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He's slightly bigger than me

best of the week couch greetings Hall of Fame hello narnia new Portal - 5994691584
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