I Can Has Cheezburger?


iceland folklore about evil whales - thumbnail of text "Icelandic folklore requires you avoid saying the names of evil whales, otherwise you'll draw their attention. fidoruh Yall have evil whales?"

Tumblr Dives Into European Folklore About Evil Whales (Thread)

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debunking dog myth such as they don't feel guilt

Veterinarians Debunk The Most Common Dog Myths

Dog myths debunked
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mythical creatures states illustrations

Famous Mythical Creatures Of Every US State (Illustrated)

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myths Cats - 6855173

8 Misconceptions About Cat Neutering

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10 dog myths in infographics

Top 10 Biggest Dog Myths

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photo of a cat smiling and sleeping with some balls of knit - cover for a list of cat mythes that turned out to be not true

8 Myths About Cats... Debunked

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curious myths about cats throughout history

8 Craziest Myths About Cats Throughout History

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True and false about animals - Blue whale myth that it can swallow a car, in truth it can at most swallow a grapefruit.

12 Myths About Animals That You Probably Still Believe

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myths Video - 86590209

Is Handshake Better Than A Butt Sniff? “Myth Sniffers” With The Answer

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A Happy Father and Son Reunion

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Via Pleated Jeans

Narsissis Kitteh

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