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video of a parrot singing Here Comes The Sun | thumbnail includes a picture of a singing parrot and a man holding a guitar

Parrot Passionately And Dramatically Sings 'Here Comes The Sun' (Video)

It's... actually surprisingly beautiful.
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video of a featherless bird dancing perfectly on beat to The Humpty Dance | thumbnail includes a picture of a featherless bird on a railling

Featherless Bird Doing The Humpty Hump And Dancing Perfectly On Beat (Video)

Rocking out so hard.
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14 tweets cats with instruments musical | thumbnail left cat with french horn, thumbnail right black cat seated in guitar case "musicians, cats at work"

Twitter Thread: Cats At Work, Musician Edition

Musical felines
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22 images of animal squads that look like album covers | thumbnail left moose and cattle squad, thumbnail right squad of pigeons looking at camera looking tough

22 Animal Squads That Look Like They’re About To Drop A Bangin' Mixtape

New music on deck
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an original cat song about cats waking people up | thumbnail includes a picture of a woman holding a guitar and sitting next to a cat

Time To Wake Up: Kitty Cat Morning Wake Up Call Song

It's time to wake up.
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video of parrot and human singing and making music | thumbnail left dad and parrot with guitar and birdcage, thumbnail right close up tico the parrot

Parrot Insists On Singing Whenever Dad Plays Guitar (Video)

Tico the parrot is an absolute Rockstar! When the jams hit him, he takes off in song! His dad reports that it is an absolute joy in life, when Tico starts to sing his eyes change colors, his feathers start to ruffle, and it's very easy to tell that he is happy as can be! These are clear signs of stimulation and happiness within the bird. When Tico starts to vocalize, dad knows its time to pick up the guitar and start jamming. Dad even compares Tico to Freddie Mercury, looks Tico's got some big …
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video of a featherless cockatoo dancing perfectly to the beat of Biggie | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cockatoo dancing

Joyful Featherless Cockatoo Dancing Perfectly On Beat To Biggie

Never seen a happier bird <3
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video of a featherless cockatoo dancing perfectly to the best of Michael Jackson | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cockatoo dancing

Featherless Cockatoo Dancing And Singing Perfectly On Beat To MJ (Video)

Has a better sense of beat than me tbh.
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cat plays the piano - thumbnail of cat playing the piano and someone commenting "This cat has way more talent than I'll ever have"

Talented Cat Plays The Piano Quite Nicely (Video)

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tumblr posts about a cockatoo rocking out to music thumbnail includes a picture of a black cockatoo ''

Tumblr Thread: Cockatoo Rocking Out To Metal Music

The most punk rock cockatoo you've ever seen.
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blind elephants classical music old ailing elephant sanctuary animals thailand piano pianist paul barton beautiful youtube video

Classical Pianist Plays To Soothe Blind, Ailing Elephants At Sanctuary

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space hamster quartet gifs cute aww funny | tiny cartoon hamster characters wearing headphones and standing in half a circle around a microphone | cyan hamster with headphones zipping open a pencil case

Space Hamster Quartet Is In Town (12 Musical Gifs)

Move over, Bongo Cat
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Cats Are Obsessed With Watching The Videos of The British Singer, FKA Twigs | can confirm that my cat is in love with you @fkatwigs | pics of a cute ginger cat sitting on a the keyboard of a laptop playing a fka twigs music video and hugging the screen

For Some Reason, Cats Are Obsessed With Watching The Videos of The British Singer, FKA Twigs

Cats Obsessed With Watching FKA Twigs
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cute funny dancing gifs animals cats dogs moves lol | cute cat paws sticking out of a white cat sized jumper. panda bear raising a leg in a stretch.

Animals Who Have Got The Groove And The Moves (25 Gifs)

These animals are jammin' out to their favorite songs -- and it's contagious!
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cat meme with quote about getting away from the miseries of life using cats and music by Albert Schweitzer
Via goodhousekeeping
Music cute dog video funny Video animal video - 93721345

Man Sets Up Cam After Noise Complaints And Discovers His Pup's Secret Routine

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