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Speed: Your 90s Action Favorite Interpreted by a Pug!

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What Does a Dog do When He's Able to Talk? He Spoils the Ending of Movies.

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A Tiny Kitten Becomes a Robot in the Future? Yes Please!

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Jurassic Bark

movies jurassic park dinosaurs - 8110777088
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You're Getting Eaten No Matte What

movies jurassic park dinosaurs - 8103015680
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You Like My Impression of Jaws?

jaws impressions movies - 8079073280
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kitten videos movies cute kids the pet collective - 58686721

Cute Kittens and Kids Tell Us All About The LEGO Movie!

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titanic videos movies parodies Cats the pet collective - 58497537

Titanic - a Love Story Retold By Cats

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I Thought That Fish Tasted a Little Funny...

beach snow movies funny penguins - 8053879296
lady and the tramp kitten disney movies cute - 58286593

Kittens Play Puppies in This Reenactment of 'Lady and the Tramp'

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Oh...I Forgot You Could Fly...Well, It's Still SPARTA!

birds movies this is sparta funny - 8040423424
movies parody Cats the pet collective - 58210049

If You're Bird...Then I'll Hunt You!

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disney movies cute finding nemo fish the pet collective - 58099201

Kittens Help Retell the Story of Finding Nemo

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movies cute frozen Cats the pet collective - 58098433

An Adorable Retelling of 'Frozen' as Told by a Little Girl

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Did Somebody Say We're Watching Hoppy Potter?!

Harry Potter movies cute rabbits - 8026569984

The Poof is out There

Cats movies puns poof - 8017209344
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