I Can Has Cheezburger?


The second mouse is smart, and will always get the cheese. It's not always the early bird who gets the worm, so no more Mr. mice guy.

a cute video of a baby rat and the mama rat | thumbnail includes a rescued mama rat and her hooman

Rescued Mama Rat Shocks Hooman With Surprise Baby (Video)

Rat-ically Cute!
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an ugly rat gets adopted into a loving home | thumbnail includes two photos of a naked rat with his hooman being cute

Woman Adopts "Ugly" Hairless Rat (Video)

The cutest "ugly" rat ever!
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12 tweets yogurt mice slimming study hilarity | thumbnail left "Grosdoriane @Grosdoriane Yogurt Scientist: damn... is it just me, or are these mice getting kind of hot? = abc NEWS A LOG IN Yogurt Makes Mice Slimmer, Sexier By Katie Moisse May 7, 2012 7:39 PM - Dec 6, 2021 " thumbnail right "the mice after all that yogurt" image of cartoon mouse with butt sticking out

Twitter Thread: Users Poke Fun At Weirdly Sexy Scientific Study Involving Yogurt And Mice

Twitter hilarity
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twitter thread about the mouse deer | thumbnail includes a picture of a mouse deer and one tweet 'Plant - Rob N Roll TM ... @thegallowboob Meet the Chevrotain, aka the mouse deer. They have hooves and look like how you'd draw a dog if you sucked at drawing. 11:32 PM · Oct 8, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 11.4K Retweets 1,044 Quote Tweets 87.7K Likes'

Mouse-Deers Look Like Badly Drawn Dogs And Twitter Can't Get Over It

It looks too ridiculous to even be real.
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a list of photos of cute pet rats just before Halloween | thumbnail includes two photos of rats, one is inside of a jack o' lantern and one is eating a pumpkin

Rat-ically Cute Rats Just In Time For Halloween

Rats are seriously under-rat-ed.
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video about rescued newborn mouse | thumbnail left tiny mouse being bottle-fed "I could tell that he was a fighter and that he wanted to live" thumbnail left bigger mouse "I'm just gonna try and give him the best life"

Abandoned Newborn Mouse Found And Raised By Kind Human (Video)

At first, Miranda did not really register what she was seeing. And then, she saw this tiny little creature moving around and knew that he was alive. She called every kind of animal rehabilitator she could think of, but no one was willing to care for the baby mouse. Miranda took it upon herself to raise the mouse as best as she could! And we think she did pretty great. The little mouse was pulling at Miranda's heartstrings, she could tell that he was a fighter and wanted to overcome this difficu…
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long eared jerboa cute mouse rodent kangaroo animals piglet snout aww adorable photos photography rare

Long-Eared Jerboa Is The Cutest Rodent With Rabbit-Like Ears

Cutest mouse/rabbit/kangaroo mix
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mice houses mouse anonymouse whimsical beautiful wow amazing enchanting aww miniature sweden art artist

AnonyMouse Creates Whimsical Little Mouse Houses In Urban Settings

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mouse kitten tiny cute aww adorable small cats adorable animals instagram | smol kitten kitty cat grey stripes and dark blue eyes being held in the palm of a person's hand, same kitten photographed from above sitting on an animal weighting scale

Mouse The Kitten Who Is Really, Really Small

The itty bitty kitty
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Funny Tom & Jerry memes | tom the cat sitting in a green chair and looking up suspiciously from his newspaper My mom on her phone course my son can come over and fix pipe minding my own bussiness :

Tom & Jerry Memes To Celebrate 80 Years Of Cat Vs. Mouse

Tom & Jerry Memes
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video of a cat and a hamster as real life tom and jerry

When The Cat Goes On The Ultimate Mouse Hunt

Cat on a mouse hunt
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funny mouse memes

Mouse Memes to Make You Squeal With Joy

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aww friendship student art birds kindness youtube animation animals mouse short - 690438

Short Animation About Kindness And Helping Each Other Out

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mouse rescued from a cat pics

Wildlife Photographer Photographs A Mouse Rescued From A Cat's Mouth (17 Beautiful Pics)

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Mouse meme of a mouse that cleans a tool shed

Pensioner Discovers That The "Ghost" Who Cleans Up His Tool Shed Every Night Is Actually a Mouse

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tom & jerry Cats web comics mouse tom & jerry tom & jerry tom & jerry tom & jerry tom & jerry tom & jerry - 7509253

A Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane With 20 Comics Of The Lovable Tom & Jerry

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