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Summer Of Kittens: Mountain Lion Baby Boom Near Los Angeles

The Santa Monica Mountains near Los Angeles is getting plenty of kitty attention this summer! According to the National Park Service, 13 kittens were born to 5 different mothers between May and August. 

It's the biggest mountain lion baby boom to occur in the past 18 years within such a short timeframe! National Park Service such a short period of time for the past 18 years! 

Jeff Sikich, a wildlife biologist, said in a previous statement, "This level of reproduction is a great thing to see, especially since half of our mountains burned almost two years ago during the Woolsey Fire."

When the story was shared on Twitter, a few users were wondering if this new kitten boom was in any way related to the pandemic and vanishing foot traffic. There's no way to know for sure but if so, we're glad to hear of another happy outcome from this year's madness. 

Check out some of the insanely adorable kittens below! 

Story via The Guardian

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