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A TikTok video and 12 funny comments about a woman who uses her cat to catch moths | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a woman holding a cat reaching for the ceiling lamp and a screenshot of a woman holding a cat and a cat who caught a moth '*smack*'

Hooman Uses Her Fluffy Cat As A Purrfessional Moth Catcher

Don't we all?
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pictures of the Atlas moth one of the largest moths in the world | thumbnail includes two pictures of the Atlas moth

The Atlas Moth: Largest Moth In The World (Beautiful Pics)

A gentle giant to fall in love with <3
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viral thread about caterpillar to butterfly and moth transformations thumbnail includes two pictures including a green caterpillar and a butterfly

Stunning Transformations: From Caterpillars To Butterflies

So beautiful.
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Forbidden Cotton Candy

This moth exists in nature and it's ON MY DECK giant moth fuzzy fluffy yellow and pink banana punch coloring
Via @cursed.memeboy
Banana-Strawberry Milkshake Moth | Rebecca Lavoie @reblavoie This moth exists in nature and it's ON MY DECK fuzzy insect with pink and yellow wings

Mother Nature Is Bringing Banana-Strawberry Milkshake Moth Energy

Banana-Strawberry Milkshake Moth
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Bongo Moth

tweet by takenforplanted: a friend sent me a picture of this moth and it reminded me a lot of bongo cat so... bongo moth. closeup photo of a moth climbing up a surface with two arms. drawing of the same moth slamming its two arms on a table.
Via @takenforplanted
funny cats cat videos Cats moth animals - 890886

The Cutest Teamwork: Man Helps His "Frustrated" Cat Catch a Moth

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Beautiful Giant Silk Moth

Via Reddit
moth and lamp meme science

Ever Wondered The Actual Science Behind The Trending Möth And Lamp Memes?

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reddit mems

These Weird Memes Of Moths Craving For Light Are Taking Over Reddit

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lil bub hunting moth Video - 363271

There's a Moth in the House and Lil Bub Is on the Case

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The Rosy Maple Moth May Be the Cutest Bug Ever

the rosy maple moth is a super cute bug
Via SciencePorn

Creepicute: Red Fuzzy Wuzzy

antennae creepicute fuzzy hand moth red - 6279845888

Creepicute: Like a Moth to Fluff

creepicute creepy cute Fluffy Hall of Fame insect moth poll - 5711674624
Via 123Zero

After lunch siesta.

2 caption captioned cat dead flies lunch meal moth noms not replacement tuna - 3828150784
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caption captioned compromise hurt moth negotiation no one peaceful ransom threat wool - 3748685568
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