I Can Has Cheezburger?


When the Moon hit's your eye like a big pizza pie you're blind Copernicus you got hit by a celestial body the size of Australia right in the face. 

video of otters eating meatballs at home | thumbnail left two otters with bucket of meatballs in middle, thumbnail right otter reaching into bucket of meatballs

Awwdorable Otter Sibling Duo Super Excited About Chicken Meatballs (Video)

Hiya folks! Today we stumbled across a little slice of cuteness in the form of a video of two otters getting excited for some chicken meatballs and felt obliged to share it with all of you! We've met this otter sibling duo before, these videos by YouTube user KOTSUMET always put a smile on our faces. KOTSUMET lives in Japan and owns two Asian Small-Clawed Otters named Hana and Kotaro. Hana and Kotaro aren't just randomly eating chicken dumplings, no, no. There is a very special reason for this …
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april fools joke about putting laser of cat on the moon

I Can Has Cheezburger to Put A Cat On The Moon

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moon selfies taken thru the elongated tub from toilet paper rolls

Owners Take Selfies Of Their Pets Through Toilet Paper Rolls To Make Them Look Like The Moon

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Take THAT Hoomins!

tabby butt roof moon puns Cats - 8475347456
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His Home is One Giant Litter Box...

Cats moon funny - 8099862016
Created by Unknown

Nursery Rhymes is Serious Business

moon funny cows - 7607933440
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Derp Derp Derp

moon funny derp - 7607999488
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Moon Cat

cat moon funny - 7514507520
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Hoax! The Whole Thing was a Hoax!

costume cat moon funny space - 7044003584
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Three Grump Moon

art moon grumpy parodies Grumpy Cat tard - 6726879488
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No More Shirts for Us

wolves hug lost moon T.Shirt Sad - 6631403264
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Conspiracy Cows

Aliens cheese conspiracy cows moon paranoid - 6557636864
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WIN!: Three Cat Moon WIN

cake cakes Cats moon snoopy weird what wtf - 6508265984
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I Don't Need a Night Light

bats hanging light moon - 6424553216
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Is it just me

butt moon pun star wars stuck toilet - 6134047232
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Worth the Scroll

birds long moon surprise wtf - 6095331328
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