I Can Has Cheezburger?


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These Monkeys are Somehow Cuter When They're Wielding Swords

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That Was a Good One!

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Look Who's Talking Now

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Goodbye, Man in the Yellow Hat

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Didn't Think So...

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Hey Guy, You're a Monkey

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Marmoset Lunch

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Friday Means It's Time to Watch These 20 GIFs of Animals Skateboarding While Scrounging Through The Internet to Find The Classic Film, Most Vertical Primate 2

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Monkey Instructs Human How to Crush Leaves

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A Little Hot Tub Time With My Baby

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Guess Who?

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"Do You Mind a Little Privacy?"

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Put Your Back Into It

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Monkey Takes a Selfie

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Hurry! I Need a Hug!

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Full Bodied

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