Here Are Adorable Kittens To Get You Through Monday

Mondays can be hard. Okay, Okay. They can be down right atrocious. Hellacious, Notorious, (You choose McGregor or B.I.G.) Atrocious, I could keep going for at least 2 or 3 more words. So ignore this random tangent and here are some absolutely adorably cute kittens who just want to help you get through the day, and soften the blow. We also have more adorable kittens memes as well as tiny teacup kittens and cute kittens sporting milk mustaches after drinking some milk.

But if you have a black soul and all you can think of is how you miss savage memes, these dark memes will be just the ticket. Or check out some of Monday's funniest memes and pictures that can be found. The choice is yours. It's time to take the red pill.

Monday worthy very cute kittens
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