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video of magpie playing dead in front of parents | thumbnail image through fence of magpie laying down playing dead with other magpie looking at him from above nudging

Young Magpie Plays Dead To Avoid Going Home With Mum And Dad (Video)

Home? Nah
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story about five kittens being fostered by a dog | thumbnail includes two pictures including five kittens in a pile and kittens cuddling with a dog

Orphaned Kittens Fostered By A Loving Dog Momma

They're a strange but beautiful family <3
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video of a tiger mom giving birth to five tiger cubs | thumbnail includes a picture of a tiger and five tiger cubs

Tired Tiger Momma Gives Birth To Quintuplets (Video)

Just look at her poor face lol.
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funny tweets about cats moms and the difficulties of pregnancy | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat with a bunch of kittens all over it and one tweet 'Product - Shawna B @theproestdwarf One of my favorite very specific image genres is cats that look completely unprepared for the realities of parenthood. 8:05 PM Nov 13, 2021 - Twitter Web App 19.3K Retweets 468 Quote Tweets 117K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Cats Who Are Unprepared For The Realities Of Parenthood

Is anyone ever really prepared?
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collection of family-themed animal memes | thumbnail includes two memes including a dad drinking beer with a raccoon 'Hand - Dad: *doesn't want dog* Family: *gets dog anyway* Dad and the dog:' and a person holding a happy dog 'Dog - when you argue with your sibling and your parent chooses your side #siblingsaturday #katrinamhm'

Family-Themed Animal Memes That Hit Close To Home

Understandable to any family.
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original ICanHasCheezburger video about an orphaned cow getting rescued | thumbnail includes

Rescued Orphaned Cow Loves Comforting Other Animals

The most heartwarming story <3
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story about a mom cat running into a burning barn to save her kittens | thumbnail includes two pictures of a burnt cat protecting a kitten 'Brave Mom Cat Runs Into Burning Barn To Save Her Kittens'

Brave Mom Cat Runs Into Burning Barn To Save Her Kittens

An amazing story <3
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imgur thread about a stray cat bringing her kittens to her human | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat and kittens '"I looked over the fence and saw the cat I’ve been feeding had led her kittens to me. So I brought them inside..." - brunion'

Thread: Trusting Stray Cat Mom Brings Kittens To Her Chosen Human

Sometimes, you have to take a chance <3
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story about a rescue dog adopting seven kittens | thumbnail includes two pictures of a black Labrador with kittens '"At less than two years old, he’s barely an adult himself, but you wouldn’t think it when you see how incredibly patient and nurturing he has been" - Rachel'

Rescued Dog Adopts And Raises 7 Orphaned Kittens

Impurrfect but loving family <3
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video of a baby seal confusing a photographer for its mother | thumbnail includes a picture of a baby seal

Noisy Baby Seal Mistakes Photographer For Her Mother (Video)

squeak squeak squeak
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tumblr thread about a feral pregnant cat finding a forever home | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - sermna Follow There's a mama cat living in my garage named Felicia. When she first showed up she was almost completely feral. She knew humans dispensed food, and that was about as far as her trust and interest extended for many months. But y'all, she fucked up. She had kittens in my garage last May. She was at my mercy.'

Tumblr Thread: Pregnant Feral Cat Falls In Love With New Forever Home

Became a total cuddle monster <3
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story of a pregnant stray cat asking a person for help | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten with large paws as well as a mom cat lying next to five newborn babies

Pregnant Cat Begs Woman For Help To Save Her Kittens

Everything for her babies <3
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video of a hen looking after a cat's kittens | thumbnail includes picture of a hen sitting on top of a bunch of kittens

Hen Looks After Kittens Of A Cat That She Raised (Video)

The best momma <3
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video of a dad cat meeting its newborn babies for the first time | thumbnail includes picture of a cat bumping noses against another cat and kittens

Dad Cat Meets His Newborn Kittens And Gently Kisses Mom Cat (Video)

Most awwdorable family <3
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twitter thread about a raccoon mom and her babies falling through the roof into someone's house | thumbnail includes two pictures of a raccoon inside someone's trashed room and one tweet 'Property - haley iliff @haley_iliff i came home from new york and a racoon fell through the roof above my bedroom (1/??) 4:53 PM Jun 26, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 7,624 Retweets 2,483 Quote Tweets 72.4K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Raccoon Mom And Babies Fall Through Roof And Cause Chaos

Room trashed by trash pandas.
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viral thread about a dog giving birth to 9 puppies | thumbnail includes two pictures of a mom dog with puppies 'Momma did it and gave birth to 9 fuzzbutts!!! tobeornottobeme'

Most Awwmazing Momma Gives Birth To 9 Puppies (Viral Threads)

Difficult but successful <3
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