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Just Grab Onto my Teeth!

scuba misunderstood sharks funny - 8135367168
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He's Cold Blooded With a Warm Heart

scary misunderstood snake - 7788516096
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Misunderstood Spider Is Misunderstood

spider misunderstood - 7151869440
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That Moment When You Realize You Should Have Just Gotten It Yourself

beer holding hearing misunderstood deer - 7028959232
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I Did Not Know, But Now I Do!

crying cuddles did you know false lies Memes misunderstood sharks tears - 6284399360
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Don't Scream, I'm Just Trying to Help

car dropped helpful lion misunderstood wait wave - 6166883584
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He's the Real 99%

misunderstood punk ugly understand - 5389826560
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The Rest of Us Will Have to Sleep Under Your Pillow, I Guess...

animals gross I Can Has Cheezburger mean misunderstood spiders wife - 5230614016
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Ebil Is So Misunderstood

basement cat blinds caption cat Cats evil hiding misunderstood Sad Songs - 5005816064
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basement cat caption captioned cat evil Hall of Fame kitten misunderstood ninja ninjas rule truth - 4505956864
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