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Got milk? We do. It would be utter-ly inconsiderate of us not to provide you with hilarious and punny memes and jokes all about that great source of Calcium. These silky smooth laughs will have you making sure you grow big and strong with another glass of milk to go with them.

We'll Need a Bucketful of Them, Too Plz

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milk kangaroo cute Joey begging Video - 181255

Can I Have That Milk Now? How About Now? Now?

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Anyone For Dessert?

funny animal image of platypus
Via MemeW

Growing up is not for sissies.

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Go Ask The Goggie...

milk kitten in trouble caption Cats funny - 8583831040
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Believe Me, After This I Will Never Confuse Them Again!

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See How Nice I Treat You?

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When mom's away......

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Desperate Cow

gifs milk critters cows - 8564009728

The Milk Makes My Ears Wiggle

gifs milk ears kitten Cats - 8240340736
Created by anselmbe
milk cute food rabbit bunny Video wild - 71043329

This Adorable Wild Baby Rabbit Is The Happiest Thing You'll See All Week

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The Greatest Milk Mustache of All Time

cat has best milk mustache funny cat pictures
Via MissSamioni

I'll Tell You When I've Had Enough

adorable gif of a kitten drinking a bottle of milk while lying on his back and spitting out a bit in a fun way
Created by anselmbe

It's the Motherlode!

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