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newest pixie and brutus comic about how brutus got his scars - thumbnail of first two panels of the comic Remember do said tell ya happened older mean | Oh mean scars? Yeah don't have if don't wanna. No fine.

Pixie And Brutus: How Brutus Obtained His Scars

*This comic contains violence*
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story about a military dog serving in Afghanistan getting shot in in both hind legs and receiving a medal of honor thumbnail includes two pictures including the dog with the prosthetic paws and another of the dog and his handler kneeling together

Retired Army Dog With Prosthetic Paws Receives Highest Animal Honor Medal

A true hero.
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pixie brutus comic pstd military kitten dog feels animals art | illustration of a German shepherd looking out of a window at a storm

New Pixie And Brutus Comic Hits Hard In The Feels

Wowee! New "Pixie and Brutus" comics created by the very talented Pet_Foolery!
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hero dog with president trump, hero dog at the white house

Military Dog Who Was Part Of The Operation That Led To Al-Baghdadi's Death Was Honored At The White House

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hero dog military isis

Military Dog, Who Aided In The Capture And Killing Of ISIS Leader, Gets Honored

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hero mexico statue military earthquake - 6315781

Frida, The Military Dog, Is Honored With a Statue Due To Her Heroism During The Mexican Earthquake

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photos of soldiers and their cats

20 Heartwarming Photos Of Soldiers Who Adopted Cats On Duty

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funny animal image of otter with water gun
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Heroic Dog Killed in Paris Terrorist Raid Will Be Honored for Her Valor

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Tortoise Squadron One is the Best of the Best

capybara war military tortoise slow - 8441073152
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Am I in Boot Camp?

cute puppies military - 8240533760
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daddy military cute soldiers Cats Video - 61930753

What a Happy Homecoming for This Soldier!

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Reporting for Duty...Er Something...

military cute Cats - 8220017920
See all captions Created by Megatron1984

Time to Get Up! Your Life Depends on it...

tanks military Cats - 8212509696
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I Didn't Say Fire Yet!

Cats guns gifs military - 8211121408
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Helmets Included

Babies turtles military tortoise - 8203697152
See all captions Created by CompassSauce
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