Balls Of Chonky Fluffy Softness: Chinchilla Appreciation

Are you ready for some mega fluffy, round, chonky softness? Well, prepare yourself for a cuteness overload because we're giving you some chinchillas to chinchil with today. Underappreciated in the extreme, these balls of soft fluffiness are some of the cutest ever. 

They bathe in dust, they're skittish, fast, they love dried apples, and they're so soft and fluffy that when you pick one up, your hand practically goes through them. Yeah, that soft. Get ready, you're about to fall in love with and desperately want to pet yet another species. At least this one is not as dangerous as some of the other species we want to pet though lol. 

pictures of chinchillas thumbnail includes two pictures including a chinchilla sitting on someone's lap and another of a baby chinchilla
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