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Another story that truly shows the importance of micro-chipping your beloved pets! 

11 years ago, in New York, Maggie Welz lost her beloved feline, Tiger. 

Fast-forward to today, that same Tiger was rescued and brought in by the Dutchess County SPCA, where they discovered he was micro-chipped! According to SPCA officials, it took staff member Carol O'Connell three years to get close enough to the missing feline that had been coming by her home every now and then.

O'Connell told Eyewitness News, "Each year he came to my house, he deteriorated more and more each year, and that's when I realized either somebody just abandoned him or he just was missing or lost or he was just a feral cat. This spring he started to come around a little bit more in the mornings so I started to work harder to try to gain his trust." 

Seems like he knew who to turn to for some help.

SPCA officials said they she borrowed a scanner from the shelter to check if he was micro-chipped on a whim. With the information they were able to locate Maggie Welz and finally reunite her with her Tiger! 


There's A Microchip Pet Feeder That Will Only Open For A Certain Pet’s Microchip ID And We're Shook

This is completely revolutionary! Assuming you have more than one cat, you'll notice that they'll steal food from each other. However, that's not such a big issue. The real problem is when you have more than one pet who require different food for health reasons. How do you prevent them from eating the wrong food? 

The answer is here! Amazon now has a Microchip Feeder that will only open up for which ever pet ID you insert! How brilliant is that?

The item isn't cheap but definitely worth it for some households! Check out some of the images below! 

(Many customers who bought the product do recommend that if you do purchase the feeder, to grab a rear as well, or if you're crafty, to create your own rear!)

microchip feeder amazon cats
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