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That's so metal. All the hard rocking memes and jokes to keep your head banging the day away. Also plenty of stuff about the shiny material, that too.

tumblr posts about a cockatoo rocking out to music thumbnail includes a picture of a black cockatoo ''

Tumblr Thread: Cockatoo Rocking Out To Metal Music

The most punk rock cockatoo you've ever seen.
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tweets from the twitter account evilbmcats or Black Metal Cats in which cat picture are matched with heavy metal lyrics thumbnail includes two pictures including one of two black and grey cats with orange eyes and another black and white picture of a fluffy cat

Headbangingly Funny Twitter Account Matches Cat Pics With Heavy Metal Lyrics

The most hardcore fluffballs- I mean... ePIC VILLAINS!
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art sculptures animals beautiful artist amazing stunning sculpture recycled items cool metal | metal scraps cat face made from cutlery and wires for its whiskers bird made of bent forks knives and spoons sitting on a branch made from a nail and a plier

Artist Makes Sculptures Out of Recycled Silverware

And it's stunning!
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black metal cats funny

"Black Metal Cats" Paired With Metal Lyrics Is Dark As Fluff

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metal twitter lyrics photos Cats - 6304005

#BlackCatsMetal Is Back With More Brilliant Pairings Of Cat Photos And Metal Lyrics

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cats with black metal lyrics and imagery

Hilarious Twitter Account Pairs Cat Pics With Metal Lyric and It's Purrfect

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wires metal plants crafts tree - 1764613

Try Not to Get Too Wound up by How Cool These Wire Tree Sculptures Are

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metal medieval sculpture armor Cats protection - 1609477

This Artist Creates Detailed Suits of Armor for Cats That Look Medieval AF

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metal funny Video horse - 81444097

When You're a Metalhead on the Inside, but a Horse on the Outside

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How Very Metal Of Them

animals metal puns sheep wool - 8484036096
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Who Doesn't Like Slayer?

metal gifs Cats - 8400314368
By Unknown

This Dog is So Metal!

metal Music gifs funny - 8058077440
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metal Music socks song rock husky Video - 46667521

Socks are HARDCORE

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Kitties Brighten EVERYONE'S Day!

metal angry Cats comics illustrations happy yay - 6684182016
Via Headbanger da Depressão


Badass cat drums fire instrument metal Music rock - 6209449216
By Unknown

No, I'm not a metal golem.

confusion hummingbird metal not pretty shiny - 6575724288
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