I Can Has Cheezburger?

messed up

Swans Really Can't Tell Jokes

Sad face jokes ducks swans wrong messed up - 6986462464
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It Will Do You No Good

puns ducks already ruined tracks footprints messed up cement - 6944595200
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I Don't Have to Listen to a Talking Cucumber Anyway

crazy drugs goats messed up - 6816464640
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Birfday Bunneh Started the Party Without You

drunk birthday carrot Party messed up bunny - 6708690432
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Teh rabbit goez rownd teh tree..an I chasez it.

caption captioned cat FAIL instruction lesson let me messed up mistake over start string tangled wait - 4044406016
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again beam me up caption captioned cat Cats isnt messed up mistake Star Trek this - 4584777472
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blame blinds caption captioned cat excuses messed up strong sunshine - 4079993856
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