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Musings of a cat.

Funny cat meme of a relaxing and laid back cat.
See all captions By allcatsloved

Pudge kitty hassa sad

Funny meme of a cat next to a pile of his own fur and a caption complaining about his melting imaginary friend, which the pile of fur TOTALLY looks like.
By catsuberalles

The coveted Krafty U Science Diploma

Funny meme of a cat using a microscope and caption that jokes that he has a science diploma now.
By Chris10a

Sean Spicer's cat answers some tough questions.

Funny cat meme making fun of Sean Spicer and his strange double talk.
See all captions By echeg5 (Via Cheezburger)


Funny cat meme of a cat's mug shot as if he has been arrested for sofa scratching.
See all captions By AaronRW
Picture of a kitten dressed as a rainbow flying poptart that sort of looks like Nyan Cat -  cover for 12 different pets that are dressed up as food

12 Times Owners Dressed Up Their Pets As Food

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Lonely kitten in pet shop climbs over the dividing barrier to be with her puppy friend next door.

Lonely Kitten Escapes From Her Display To Join Her Best Friend

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funny cat memes

Top 10 Cat Memes of The Week - Cheezburger's Users Edition 1

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Funny DIY video of a how to turn your cat's meow in a pretty cool dance track.

Here's How to Turn Your Cat's Meows Into a Bangin' Dance Track

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Cat meme of realizing it is only Wednesday - Funny Cat Memes to Help Get You Through The Day.

18 Funny Cat Memes to Help Get You Through the Day

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underwater bath meow Cats Video - 385543

But Have You Ever Heard a Cat Meow Underwater?

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Music sound meow Cats Video - 378631

If Cats Made Music, This Is Exactly What It Would Sound Like

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funny cat memes

25 Cat Memes That'll Tickle Your Whiskers

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kitten bath meow Video - 358151

This Kitten's First Bath Goes About as Well as You'd Think

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webcomics of animals and the common situations they find themselves in

'They Can Talk' Is a Funny Web Comic That Imagines What Animals Would Say If They Could Speak Our Language

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marshmallows marshmallow cooking recipe sweet meow food Cats - 1526789

Meowmallows Are the Purrfect Hot Chocolate Topping That You Never Knew You Needed

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