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collection of photos of giant men holding small kittens | thumbnail includes two pictures including a man with a kitten on his shoulder and a man holding a kitten to his chest

Large Men Being Totally Smitten With Itty Bitty Kittens (October 27, 2022)

Nothing cuter than a giant man with a teeny weeny kitty.
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posts of men falling in love with the cats that they supposedly didn't want | thumbnail includes two pictures including a dad lying next to a cat on the floor 'Cat - 8 Leslie Burrows My dad hates cats, but every weekend he asks if I am bringing Moose over to watch the squirrels and Parking Wars. Apparently that is their show to watch on Saturday's.' and a man showing a cat his phone 'Cat - 10 200 Bebhinn Larkin My dad claims to hate cats. Also my dad showing the cat dog videos on his phone'

14 Manly Man Who Didn't Want Cats Totally Falling In Love With Their Little Furballs

'Didn't want them' pshh
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aww pics wholesome dudes cat adorable men heartwarming tiny kitten cute small large Cats huge - 17130245

Large Men Being Totally Smitten With Itty Bitty Kittens

Awwdorableness + more awwdorableness.
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viral thread about a large man rescuing two kittens | thumbnail includes two pictures including a tiny kitten in a car and a cat sitting on a man's shoulder

Giant Man Rescues Two Small Kittens And Makes The Internet's Hearts Melt (Viral Thread)

Giant + smol = pure as heck.
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15 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "music-books-cats · 18h If I see a man walking his Yorkie, I think "I'm glad that cute doggie is getting his walk". In my honest opinion, the only people that care about that are the toxic masculinity type people. My husband is 6 feet dude and our small dog is his baby, he walks him and he shows everyone pictures of him and he couldn't care less what other people think"

How Women Perceive Large Men With Small Dogs: Reddit Discussion

Big man small dog no problems
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tumblr thread about large men being scared of and enamored by small animals thumbnail includes a screenshot of the thread 'Text - So this huge scary man with a full beard approaches me like "hey can my buddy and I pet your dog? He gets nervous around dogs but your's is so small I think it's a good place to start." i say yes so he picks him up and puts him on man number two's lap and man number two is abt to freak out and his friend straight up just goes "hey man, it's okay just relax l'd never '

Tumblr Thread: Large Scary Men Scared Of Teeny-Weeny Animals

Overcoming their fears of tiny widdle animals
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reddit posts about dads loving the cats they didn't want | thumbnail includes a picture of a man hugging a cat 'My dad on my 13th birthday “whatever you do don’t bring home a f***ing cat” My dad now : u/Morganpaullina'

Wholesome Posts Of Dads And The Cats They 'Didn't' Want

"not a cat person" riiiiight
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story about Australian firefighters posing with animals for a yearly charity calendar thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a shirtless firefighter holding a dog and another of a shirtless firefighter petting a white horse

Australian Firefighters Pose With Rescued Animals For 2021 Charity Calander

Handsome men with handsome animals
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Cats That Can Easily Become Fabulous Male Models | shirtless model lit by shutters and a cat sitting on a bench being hit with light in a similar way

Fabulous Cats Posing Like Male Meowdels

Cats like male models
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men dads cats dogs aww cute wholesome adorable animals | Dad went from You're taking him with you when you leave. to Are you really gonna take him with you?? man cradling a cat in his arms

Men And The Pets They Claimed To Not Want

What a beautiful sight
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Guy Starts "A Walk And a Talk" Group For Men Who Need Someone To Talk To While Walking Their Dogs  | photo of a man with a graying beard wearing a beanie and taking a selfie outdoors with a dog, second pic of the same guy with another man taking a photo together in front of woods a forest setting

Guy Starts "A Walk And a Talk" Group For Men Who Need Someone To Talk To While Walking Their Dogs

a walk and talk group for men
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cat lady stereotype

"Men & Cats" Project By Photographer David Williams Breaks The "Crazy Cat Lady" Stereotype

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photos combining beautiful men and kitties

The Brilliant Combination Of Beautiful Men And Cute Kitties Is A Recipe For Success (24 Photos)

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Photos of men suffering while shopping - Man passed out on the floor with shopping bags.

12 Photos Of Miserable Men That Went Shopping

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A picture of a man using the Ostrich Pillow. Cover image for things that will help you sleep while traveling

6 Things To Help Upgrade Your Travel Sleep Game

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In Reference to a Recent Post About Doggish Men

men compare Memes caption - 8802738432
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