I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of an adorable owl that looks like it's melting - thumbnail of melted owl

Adorable Melted Owl (Video)

Adorable feathery mush of cuteness
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animals summer heat melting hot sun cool down melt cats dogs aww cute | DUCKS WILL MELT AT 90°F (32C) two white ducks plopped down

Summer Heat: Animals Melting (21 Pics)

Stay cool
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Pudge kitty hassa sad

Funny meme of a cat next to a pile of his own fur and a caption complaining about his melting imaginary friend, which the pile of fur TOTALLY looks like.
By catsuberalles
melting melt animals - 1728517

24 Animals That Melted Quicker Than Ice Cream on a Hot, Summer Day

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Cats caption funny melting snowman - 8596464896
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He's Turning Into A Puppy Puddle!

animals melting hot Heat caption funny - 8580461824
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Do not leave in direct sunlight some melting may occur

caption cute kitten melting nap sunbath - 3790073856
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PSA: Your Owl Might Melt in Direct Sunlight

Owl melting - 8432540416
Via becausebirds

What a World! What a World!

baths melting - 8229339904
Via finalellipsis

And You Thought His Favorite Character was Toto!

funny imitation melting wizard of oz - 8007913728
By Unknown

Public Service Announcement

melting Heat psa funny - 7684824576
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Not Many People Know This

melting hot facts otter science - 6735715328
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Lolcats: Be Careful...

best of the week Cats Heat hot lazy lolcats melt melting summer sun temperature - 6175389952
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Animal Capshunz: Is It Gone?

eek ice melting polar bear polar bears scared spider - 6112515328
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Dali kitteh

caption captioned cat i has melting - 5004069376
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baby cub hanging hot jaguar melting tired - 5015098880
By Unknown
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