I Can Has Cheezburger?


viral twitter thread and twitter responses about a dog meeting a newborn baby for the first time through a window thumbnail includes two pictures of a dog held by an elderly man and woman on one side of a window smiling at a newborn baby held by its father on the other side of the window

Dog Meeting Baby For First Time Goes Viral (Tweets)

and twitter is absolutely loving it
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Nice to Meat You, Fellow Pig

nice to meat you fellow pig
Via lnfinity
kitten meet monkey Cats Video - 77333761

Monkey Meets Kitten For First Time And The Results Are Squee Worthy

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You will meet a one eared stranger and have five beautiful children. Oh, wait. That's my own fortune.

five cat stranger my meet caption children - 8576550912
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It's a Good Thing You Can't Hear Spelling Differences

mountain lions cougars puns meet meat - 6863045888
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Stupid Harvey.

pee branch meet inconvenient frogs - 6635430144
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I Forgot My Cell Phone Too

chipmunk rock specific meet girl sigh alone cell phone forgot - 6613059072
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Well well well...

again bad idea caption captioned cat do not want enemies meet sink toy water - 5684422400
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caption captioned cat girlfriend like meet miss you - 5352422144
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caption captioned cat lolwut meet mother resemblance - 5244475392
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Southern Belle Kitteh Is Pleased to Be Meetin' You!

animals Cats I Can Has Cheezburger meet paws - 5156879104
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Our Last Encounter Didn't End So Well...

alcohol animals Cats creepy drinking I Can Has Cheezburger meet wine - 5043052032
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I'll talk, I'll talk!!!

bad idea caption captioned cat cop dont good interrogation light meet partner - 3624388864
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again bottle caption captioned cat enemy meet meeting reunion spray spray bottle Staring villain - 4329404672
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