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16 screenshots of a funny Reddit thread about two dogs mating | Thumbnail includes screenshots from reddit thread 'My only uneutered female rescue managed to sneak into the only intact male's kennel. Just kill me now, I'm done, I've been on a purge neutering every last one of my intact dogs recently. Only had two left, a young male that was initially crossed from the list due to severe malnutrition ( he's better now and has his operation scheduled) and a slightly older female going through'

Fruitful Female Rescue Dog Travels 60M To Do The Deed In The Doghouse

A match made in heaven
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video of male ostrich trying to get attention of potential mates | thumbnail left close up ostrich face, thumbnail right ostrich dancing

Ostrich Puts On Performance Of A Lifetime In An Attempt To Attract A Mate (Video)

It's time for this ostrich to show the ladies what he's got
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Unusual Mating Rituals In The Animal Kingdom

Valentine's Day Special: Most Unusual Mating Rituals In The Animal Kingdom

Unusual Mating Rituals In The Animal Kingdom
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red panda Canada mating red pandas zoo love - 1561605

The Future of Red Pandas Everywhere Depends on These Two Falling in Love

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mating Video sloth - 83494145

This Sloth's Journey to Find a Mate Is a Better Love Story Than Twilight

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mating koala facebook Video - 268807

You'll Never Look at Koalas the Same Way Again After Hearing Their Intense Mating Call

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This Guy is For the Birds

bird unusual mating flirting cheese - 6571925760
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Animal Capshunz: Mysteries of Nature Explained

best of the week fact Hall of Fame joke mating money nature spider spiders - 6140624896
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I guess I don't have enough feathers.

caption captioned FAIL mating not interested peacock whatever - 5651401984
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cheeky documentary flirting mating playful polar bears snow spy Video - 13560833


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