I Can Has Cheezburger?


stuck if i fits i sits maru Cats Video - 85897729

Watch Maru Sort of Fit, Kinda Sit, and Then Definitely Get Stuck

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box maru Cats cardboard Video - 84776705

Maru Forgets That Being Inside of a Cardboard Box Is Best, Tries Sitting on Top of One

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maru Cats Video playing - 82837505

Watch Maru and Hana Play With a Big, Green Toy

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maru monkey Cats Video - 81284865

Maru Curiously Watches as Monkeys Try to Steal His Human's Shoe

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I Can Become Cheeseburger?

i can become cheeseburger
Via @EmrgencyKittens
birthday maru compilation Cats Video - 80302081

Here's Some of Maru's Best Kitty Moments to Celebrate His 9th Birthday

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maru Video playing - 76722945

Maru Makes A Friend

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maru Cats Video - 76189441

Maru is Ready to Hang The Holiday Lights

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Up An' Over

box FAIL fall jump maru small - 6296654336
By Unknown

My Pet Box

boxes gifs maru Cats - 8539932928
By mamawalker

Maru Peeking on You

gifs windows cute maru Cats - 8510371328

Happy Caturday!

animals Cats Caturday excited happy I Can Has Cheezburger maru - 5108661248
See all captions By ecs5298
slow motion cute maru Cats Video - 70599425

What's Better Than Maru? Maru in Super Slow Motion!

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if i fits i sits maru cats are weird Cats - 69843713

Maru Approves of Paper Bag Armor

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Hop Along The Box Train

boxes gifs maru Cats - 8447757056
By Unknown
nap videos maru Cats - 68413185

Maru Knows How to Deal with the Work Week

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