I Can Has Cheezburger?


first koala to get a prosthetic foot - thumbnail of koala with prosthetic foot

Australian Dentist Creates First Prosthetic Foot For Koala

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pictures of the spotted-tail tiger quoll thumbnail includes two pictures including a spotted-tail quoll sleeping curled up in someone's palm and another spotted-tail quoll sitting on someone's hand

Precious And Awwdorable Spotted-Tail Quolls

Criminally underrated cute marsupials.
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wombat koala friendship lockdown aww love beautiful animals adorable cute covid19 australia wildlfie park

Wombat And Koala Strike Up Friendship During Lockdown

Be still our tender hearts
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Floofy Ears

floof ears marsupials koalas squee - 6594079744
Via Susan Freeman

Peeking Out of Mom's Pouch

baby kangaroo marsupials pouch Joey squee - 6554669824
Via Dave Learns His Dig SLR?
cute koala bear koalas marsupials run running Video zoos - 34898945

Animal Videos: Cute Koala Run

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Babies baby contest Joey joeys kangaroo kangaroos marsupial marsupials poll squee spree wallabies wallaby - 5207211264
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marsupial marsupials wallaby - 4181402368
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