Gamer Living With A Cat (Comics)

This is just the cutest! And if there are any gamers out there -- this might resonate with you! 

This comic is created by the talented Nadatani Wataru and is part of an on-going series! You can find the other chapters at Manga Mutiny.

The story is about a woman in her 30s who indulges in her love of video games whenever she possibly can.. then a little stray decides to move into her place her and make it a forever home! And yes, it's even cuter than it sounds which already sounds pretty darn cute. 

Remember to read from right to left! 

comics gamer cats manga art artist aww cute animals | person playing video games interrupted by a cat SWIP CLACK CLACK BUT HAVE, NO TIME NOW TAP CLACK CLACK SWIP POFF POFF 9 TAPTAP TAP
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