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pictures of cats and kittens wearing lion manes thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat with its mouth open wearing a lion mane and a cat with a lion mane on standing tall and looking proud

Fierce Cats And Kittens Wearing Lion Manes

Raaawwwr proof that cats are definitely related to lions
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The Royal Truth

lions wind king cold mane - 7124008192
See all captions Created by Greencliff

He Does The Lion's Share of Hair In These Parts

hair lions funny mane - 8270418176
See all captions Created by violetD

Dat Mane

fabulous mane lion - 7303491840

A Lion and His Cub

lions baby daddy cub squee Father mane - 6578346752
Via Cats and Stuff

Golden Mane

golden magical squee horse mane - 6527181824
Via Michele Thorsteinson

Dandy Lion

dandelion Flower lion big cats squee mane - 4269546752
Created by sixonefive72

Epic Mane

fabulous hooves horse mane - 4268726784
Created by sixonefive72

Sweet Lion Cuddles

big cat cuddles gifs lion mane petting - 6563936000
Via Meow. Meow. Meow.

It's Still Pretty Obvious

black emo lion mane - 6456418816
See all captions Created by violetD

This is Much More Impressive

better hairstyle horse impressive mane ponytails - 6407835904
See all captions Created by ChallengeAcceptedBro

Animal Capshunz: Punderbolt

captions hair horse keep mane puns - 6406038016
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

************** EDIT MEEEEE************* GIF: Shake It Off, Shake It Off!

fur gifs mane shake shaking slow mo slow motion - 5646745600


acting like animals alarmed cat confused instinct mane poofy response scared startled - 5601998848


cat Fluffy gifs mane shaking - 5597372416

at first i wuz liek

at first but then caption captioned cat laughing mane mirror poofy reflection - 5592448768
See all captions Created by thipthapthoo
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